Design Basics: Always Carry a Notebook


September 28, 2022

You never know when you’ll come up with an idea for a new project

You never know when you’ll have a great idea for a new project. It could be while you’re taking a walk, doing the dishes, or lying in bed trying to fall asleep. That’s why it’s important to always have a notebook and pen handy, so you can jot down your ideas as they come to you. Of course, not every idea is a winner, but it’s worth taking the time to write them down anyway. You never know when one of those seemingly insignificant ideas will turn into something amazing. So next time you have a great idea for a new project, don’t let it slip away – grab a notebook and start writing!

Drawing or sketching out your ideas can help you visualize them better

When you have an idea, it can be difficult to picture what that idea will look like in reality. This is especially true for complex ideas that involve many different elements. One way to overcome this challenge is to draw or sketch out your ideas. This helps you to visualize them in a concrete way and see how all the pieces fit together. Additionally, it can be helpful to share your sketches with others who can provide feedback and help you refine your ideas. Ultimately, drawing or sketching out your ideas can be a helpful way to bring them to life and make them more clear and tangible.